The Best Ski-in-Ski-out Condos in Crested Butte

Known as the last great Colorado ski town, Crested Butte is an immersive ski experience unlike other ski resorts. When it comes to the ski-in-ski-out condos at Crested Butte, you can expect some baseline features. Cabins come equipped with internet connection and Wi-Fi which can be useful for planning out your itinerary. Given the cold weather, the condos have some type of fireplace, either gas or wood burning. Most condos offer a free shuttle service which makes stops at any number of the restaurants or shopping centers that surround Crested Butte. Finally, and this may seem obvious, but there is easy ski access that allows you to walk out the door and practically be at the slope. That’s what the condos are designed for after all!


Axtel condos are a great option for anyone looking to be handily near the center of Crested Butte. Located at the base of Silver Queen lift, they are not only close to the ski action, also very close to the restaurant and shopping centers thanks to the free shuttle to these and other surrounding areas. In addition, Axtel affords discounts on various rentals, lift tickets, and transportation. 


Like other condo options at Crested Butte, Columbine condos are a short drive from numerous restaurants and attractions. When you’re looking to ski, you can walk right out of the condo and find yourself at the Red Lady Express Lift ready to take you for a fun day of skiing. With all the features that would need like a full kitchen and a fireplace, Columbine is a good deal when it comes to ski condos. 

            Westwall Lodge 

Unlike some of the other condo options, Westwall accommodates dogs in designated lodging rooms. This means that you and your dog can take in Crested Butte together. The condos have picture windows that emphasize the beautiful views of the valleys and mountains. When you’re ready to step out from the comfort of the cabin to the splendor of the slopes, you can take advantage of the easy on via the nearby lifts. 

When looking to book a place to stay for your trip to Crested Butte, you really can’t go wrong with any of the options available. Each provides the charm that constitutes the resort as a whole and is a great home base for your trip. For a unique ski-lover experience, Crested Butte may be the place for you.