The Most Exclusive and Expensive Ski Accommodations on Earth

Whether right here in Colorado or halfway around the world, we wanted to take a few minutes and highlight what we consider to be some of the most exclusive and pricey ski accommodations you can find. It isn’t often you get to see any celebrities on the slopes at mainstream resorts, and for good reason; they go elsewhere. Some of the venues mentioned are famous beyond any doubt, but others are well kept secrets, lending to their exclusivity. We take a look at some of the most notable ski accommodation on the planet – some with price-per-night exceeding $1500!


Courchevel 1850,Northern Alpes, France
Accomodation: After re-mortgaging your home so you can afford it, you might consider Le Kilimandjaro, with a chalet costing €11,300 per night (private butler included – obviously!)

Famous visitors to Courchevel include David Beckham and Posh, Chris Evans the UK presenter, a whole host of F1 drivers, (Jacques Villeneuve, David Coulthard and Eddie Jordan for example), and also the King of Morroco, Mohammed VI.

When it comes to a ski holiday destination in France, Courchevel 1850 is about as exclusive at it gets. With accommodation prices some might find bordering on the insane, visitors that don’t boast a 7 figure bank balance stay in the lower resort stations such as Courchevel 1350.

Take for example what can only be described as the ‘lavish’ Shemshak Lodge – a huge chalet for only thirteen guests – with ski-in, skl-out offering access to the best skiing in the Trois Vallees area, and also within walking distance of the famous boutiques of Courchevel 1850. If you don’t want to walk or carry your skis or snowboard – no worries – you have your own private chauffeur to whisk you from A to Z.

Some lavish rental properties in the resort even boast their own private cinemas. If money is no object, you won’t find a better holiday destination to spend it up. Courchevel offers some of the finest ski properties on the planet as well as offering world-class in-resort service too – at a price!


The Yellowstone Club, Montana, USA

Located 20 miles north of Yellowstone National Park, this members-only resort saw many powerful visitors, including bankers who bankroll/own the movie studios that employ many of the stars of Hollywood. Their names are unlikely to be recognized by anyone except their peers, Bill Gates being an exception to this.

It was a favorite for the freedom it gives the super rich, thanks to a bodyguard staff that includes former US Secret Service Agents (the guys that guard the President). At least this was the case until it went bankrupt in 2009. I guess this makes it even more exclusive with no more possible members!


Klosters, Switzerland

Accommodation: Walserhof hotel
Price per night: $1,250 Swiss USD, (£800)
A favorite amongst UK royalty, Prince William and his wife Kate, alone with Prince Charles have frequented this venue upon occasion, favoring the reserved atmosphere of the Walserhof hotel as their accommodation of choice.


Telluride, Colorado, USA

Accommodation: Lumiere Telluride
Price per night: $1,150 USD (£712)

Telluride is favored by mainstream celebrities for the ability to blend in with everyone else, giving them some freedom and privacy. Celebrities Oprah Winfrey and Tom Cruise are known to have homes here (not together of course!), but the numerous music festivals which occur here draw crowds of the general public to stay here regularly.

The Lumiere Telluride is favored by many of the stars for providing the luxury and comfort that they come to expect in penthouse suite accommodation. Price includes a private chef cooking your meal at your suite, a ski valet, and prearranged ski equipment fittings.