Additional Lodging Options to Consider

Ski-in/Ski-out condos are one of the best ways to experience a ski trip. Lodgings on the mountain allows for skier independence (you don’t have to wait for a friend to drive you to the mountain), streamlines the day (no more ski lodges), and can facilitate experiencing the first and last run of the day. However, these are often some of the more expensive accommodations available when skiing. To get the most out of their entire trip experience, many people will also set up hybrid ski-cations. You can rent a ski-in/ski-out condo for 1-2 nights of your trip. For the other evenings, consider these more affordable options.


Stay just outside your ski city—During peak ski season, even that in-town run-down motel will shine a “no vacancy” sign. If you have access to transportation, such as a car, ride, or Uber, you may want to consider staying just outside of the resort town. You can save money while maintaining a degree of luxury. What’s more: some out-of-town hotels provide shuttle transportation to and from resorts.


AirBnb—A relative newcomer to the hospitality industry, AirBnb allows locals to rent out their homes, apartments, and spare rooms. If you are operating on an ultra-low budget, you can reserve a room for as little as $20-$30 per night. Travelling with a large group? Renting a house or multi-bedroom apartment will be less expensive than a night at a resort. Additionally, AirBnb hosts are great resources for local activities, restaurants, and nightlife.


Hostels—A popular choice among college students, Colorado is full of skier-friendly hostels. Hostels provide a cheap alternative to standard hotels and motels. If you are imagining a run-down building with several beds cobbled together, think again: many hostels often offer private rooms, in-room kitchens, and common spaces perfect for meeting new friends. It really runs the entire spectrum:


You can find dirt-cheap prices if you’re willing to go with communal hostels and tight quarters. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


You can also find luxury hostels that combine truly upscale amenities with just a hint of the friendly and charming vibes of the hostel experience. Photo Courtesy of The Bivvi.